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Merko Yapi producing the construction projects as per the conditions and properties of the period since the establishment in 1982 undersigned the projects carrying the modern architecture samples in the residential and commercial areas since 2000s. Merko Yapi adopted single philosophy for hundreds of the houses undersigned by it until today. “To design quality and functional living areas…”

Excluding the construction, Merko Group operating for nearly half a century continues to provide with services exceeding the expectations with the textile brands providing services to the world giants. Merko Yapi with the pride of providing homes to hundreds of families opens the doors of the brand new world with the possibilities and renewals brought by it. Our company conducting operations at the line of the values that we give to our employees and nature shall continue operations by undersigning the prestigious projects in the future periods.

Latest News

  • Apertment sales continues

    The apartments in our Bağcılar project under construction in Bağcılar is on sale[...]

  • Tax Reduction may be given in House Industry

    Mr. Vedat Demiröz a PM of AKP (justice and development party) and Spokesman of TBMM (Grand National Assembly) Plan Budget Commission stated that the...[...]

  • Consumer considers the Brand above the Location

    Especially after the earthquake in 1999, the branded houses is considered as important as much as the neighborhood. Game halls, walking roads...[...]

  • Remedy for the House Needs is Hidden under the Roof

    M. Nazım Yavuz as the Chairman of ÇATIDER making a press release for the World Residence Day on the first Monday of October of each year...[...]

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